Jaisalmer Tourist Places


Jaisalmer Tourist Places

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  Hello Friends, I hop you guys will be all good, If we talk about Royal Places in India, So first of all we remember the name of Rajasthan, A city inside Rajasthan whose name is Jaisalmer Guys this place is Awesome guys, There is a lot of space here for tourist. here i am going to tell you Best Tourist Places in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Fort  

 The Jaisalmer Fort is also known as Sonar Cases are available (Golden Fort) because it rises from the desert and appears to merge with the sand's golden colors. 

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  
The fading sun lends its own charm to the fort, shrouding it in mystery. Local craftsmen built the fort in the regal style of the time. This fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features prominently in one of Satyajit Ray's classic Feluda tales and film, Sonar Kela (The Golden Fortress). 

Jaisalmer Government Museum 

It was founded by the Department of Archaeology and Museums and is a popular tourist destination in Jaisalmer. The prize of Rajasthan's state bird, Godawan, is the most stunning presentation (the great Indian bustard).

 Traditional household goods, rock-cut crockery, jewellery, and statues from the 7th and 9th centuries AD are among the city's rich cultural history on exhibit.

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  

Desert National Park 

The greatest of the Thar desert's environment and animals may be found in the Desert National Park. Undulating sand dunes, jagged boulders, deep salt lake bottoms, and inter-medial regions make up the Park. The Park is home to a variety of creatures, including black deer, chinkara, and desert fox. Here you may observe the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard, one of the world's largest flying birds. Jaisalmer Tourist Places  

Jaisalmer Tourist Places

Patwon Ki Haveli 

This five-story edifice, one of Jaisalmer's largest and most intricately carved havelis, stands boldly in a tiny roadway. While the haveli has lost part of its former splendour, there are still a few paintings with mirror works art on the inner walls.
Jaisalmer Tourist Places  

Jaisalmer Tourist Places

Amar Sagar Lake 

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  

Amar Sagar Lake is a lake-cum oasis close to the Amar Singh Palace, located about 7 kilometres west of Jaisalmer.

 Built in the 17th century, the palace is now a museum. Several ponds and wells, as well as a historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, may be found in the complex that comprises the palace and the lake. 

Several carved stone figureheads of animals surround the lake, and tradition has it that these carved figureheads are the royal family's guardians.

Pavilions with stairs leading down to the lake may be found on one end, while a gorgeous, beautifully sculpted Jain temple can be seen on the other. The Amar Sagar Lake, a serene and tranquil location, is another area in Jaisalmer where you may enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  


Kuldhara's underlying history has captivated the interest of many a tourist, making it one of the most mysterious places to explore in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. A beautiful daughter, an unethical minister, terrified villagers, a midnight evacuation, and no knowledge where the locals went are all part of the narrative.

This is not a movie plot, but the enigmatic folklore that surrounds the abandoned settlement of Kuldhara. This historic settlement, located around 18 kilometres from Jaisalmer, was abandoned by its people in the 1800s.

It seemed as if the entire town had gone in a single night. It's still a wonder how no one saw them depart with roughly 85 villages full of people; in fact, no one knows where they all went to this day. The village is still abandoned and in the same state as it was hundreds of years ago when the residents left it.

People go from all over the world to marvel at the wonders of the past at this place, which has become a famous tourist destination. The dismal outline of Kuldhara etches a narrative in front of your eyes.

Jaisalmer Tourist Places

Vyas Chhatri 

Vyas Chhatri is a wonderful specimen of Rajasthani architecture located near Bada Bagh in Jaisalmer. This historic Brahmin cemetery is dedicated to Ved Vyaas, he sage who composed the Mahabharata epic and is replete of local variations of cenotaphs.

Jaisalmer Tourist Places  
This location, which is surrounded by cenotaphs, is more often known as Jaisalmer's sunset point. Thousands of people go to the Vyas Chhatri every evening to see the stunning desert sunset. Golden yellow sandstone chhatris with elaborate and exquisite carvings can be found all throughout this area.

Vyas Chhatri is a renowned tourist site that provides a bird's eye view of Jaisalmer, the fort, and even the surrounding surroundings. At Vyas Chhatri, visitors may also see a lot of natives playing Rajasthani melodies on the algoza, a double fluted instrument, providing a sensory overload.

Jaisalmer Tourist Places

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